Julie Locke Yoga

Pause. Breathe. Connect.


Open Heart. Sacred Space. 

The Practice of Connection.

Julie Locke lives and teaches from the heart. She creates a warm and welcoming space for students to connect with their breath and step away from the fast pace of urban life. Her classes are sweaty, soulful, and inspiring. Through the potent blend of chanting, breathing, sweating, music, devotion, and thoughtfully sequenced asana, Julie's Vinyasa Flow classes foster deep connection with Self and with community. Students are encouraged to set intention and turn inward. By linking breath with movement, students can peel away the layers that tend to accumulate over time and connect with their true essence. Known for her bright smile and kind heart, Julie’s classes reflect her authentic desire to “offer it up” with her community. 

Julie lives in San Francisco, where she is also a Registered Nurse, specializing in Oncology, at University of California San Francisco. 

When she isn’t on a studio floor or hospital wing, Julie is soaking up the beauty of Mother Nature, while hiking along the Pacific Coast, or dipping her toes in a sandy beach.  

Come flow with her, at Yoga Tree Castro and Love Story Yoga

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